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2021 KYA students gather for state government experience

Each fall in the Kentucky Youth Assembly, middle and high school students serve as part of a model state government in a three-day experiential learning program in Louisville. In 2021, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic prompted KYA to offer a two-day virtual conference as an option. KYA helps students to explore a variety of issues, improve their critical thinking skills, and share their beliefs with peers from around the state. Following are the highlights from our Fayette County Public Schools participants.

Middle schools 

  • Conference Life Award: Edythe J. Hayes
  • Premiere delegation: Edythe J. Hayes 
  • Outstanding delegates: Angelo DiLorenzo of Hayes and Luke Helgerson of Winburn
  • Outstanding speakers: Lucy Miner of Hayes and Billie Phemister of Winburn
  • Officers: Vivie Ann Johnson of Winburn as Senate president 

High schools 

  • Conference Life Award: Henry Clay
  • Outstanding delegation: Lafayette 
  • Premier delegations: Frederick Douglass, Henry Clay, and Lafayette 
  • Outstanding delegates: Ashley Cristi from Douglass, Aileen Conner from Lafayette, and Anna Bird Pollan from Henry Clay
  • Outstanding media corps delegate: Zaida Bell-Frantz of Lafayette
  • Outstanding speakers: Eric Chenou from Douglass, Karson Whitley and Matthew Kotter from Henry Clay, Nate Barker and Teagan Fowler from Lafayette 
  • Officers: Elle Moses of Douglass as Speaker of the House and Logan Ward of Lafayette as chief justice

Online: Kentucky YMCA Youth Association

Contact: Vontella Thomas, East Region director of outreach, (502) 227-7028

(Posted Jan. 5, 2022)