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Henry Clay boys & Lafayette girls lead swim teams in 2021 state meets

The boys from Henry Clay and the girls from Lafayette each finished in third place to lead FCPS teams in the 2021 KHSAA State Swimming & Diving Championships. Organizers divided the April 22-24 contests in response to COVID-19 restrictions on indoor events. Falling Springs in Versailles hosted the diving, while swimming spread across three sites. Fayette County Public Schools competes in Region 8, which was grouped with regions 7 and 9 at Union College. 

Boys’ team standings: 3rd place to Henry Clay and 5th to Paul Laurence Dunbar; Lafayette and Frederick Douglass also participated 

Top 5 results 

  • 200 medley relay: 3rd to Dunbar (Mark Dattilio, Jack Naehr, Nathan Zhu, and Eli Merritt) 
  • 200 IM: 2nd place to Jackson Millard, Henry Clay 
  • 200 freestyle relay: 3rd to Henry Clay (Max Montgomery, Benjamin Hightower, Cole Bray, and Jackson Millard) 
  • 100 backstroke: 2nd place to Jackson Millard, Henry Clay 
  • 400 freestyle relay: 3rd to Henry Clay (Max Montgomery, Jack Johnson, Cole Bray, and Jackson Millard), and 4th to Dunbar (Eli Merritt, Nathan Zhu, Jared Brown, and Seneca Oddo) 

Boys’ complete results

Girls’ team standings: 3rd to Lafayette, 6th to Dunbar, and 12th to Henry Clay 

Top 5 results 

  • 50 freestyle: 2nd place to Lili Elayi, Lafayette 
  • 1-meter diving: 3rd place to Mallory Sparks, Henry Clay, and 5th to Alexis Radhakrishnan, Dunbar 
  • 100 butterfly: 3rd place to Lili Elayi, Lafayette 
  • 100 freestyle: 4th place to Emma Lykins, Lafayette 
  • 200 freestyle relay: 2nd to Lafayette (Lili Elayi, Megan Wedeking, Lou Elayi, and Emma Lykins); and 4th to Dunbar (Claire Ackerman, Emma Daman, Meher Saini, and Katie Bridwell) 
  • 100 backstroke: 4th place to Megan Wedeking, Lafayette 
  • 400 freestyle relay: 3rd to Lafayette (Lili Elayi, Lou Elayi, Megan Wedeking, and Emma Lykins) 

Girls’ complete results

(Posted April 28, 2021)

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