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Two students receive Best of Fair awards to pace FCPS in 2021 state science competition

Two students from Fayette County Public Schools received Best of Fair honors in the 2021 Kentucky Science & Engineering Fair. Kiera Fehr of Henry Clay High School (“Rewriting the Industry”) and Karthika Hariprasad of Jessie Clark Middle School (“Environment Friendly Disposable Gloves”) each placed third in Physical Science in their respective age divisions.

Organizers again replaced this spring’s in-person fair at Eastern Kentucky University with a virtual format because of COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, but nearly 300 students competed nonetheless. The awards ceremony was live-streamed March 28. Following are more top results.

High school division
(all from Paul Laurence Dunbar unless noted)

Animal sciences: 1st place to McKenna Sun

Behavioral & social sciences: 3rd to Wenbo Fan

Biomedical & Health Sciences: 2nd to Khushi Arora

Cellular & Molecular Biology: 2nd to JoonWoo Park

Computational Biology & Bioinformatics: 2nd to Dallas Rager

Earth & Environmental Science: 3rd to Angela Wang

Environmental Engineering: 1st place to Kiera Fehr of Henry Clay

Materials Science: 1st place to Alan Liao

Mathematics: 2nd to Thomas Ehrenborg of Henry Clay

Physics & Astronomy: 2nd to Lohith Tummala

Robotics & Intelligent Machines: 1st place to Varun Hariprasad

Systems Software: 2nd to Simon Harris-Palmer

Translational Medical Science: 2nd to Khalid Rashad

Special award recipients

Kiera Fehr of Henry Clay: Stockholm Junior Water Prize for “Rewriting the Industry”

Varun Hariprasad of Paul Laurence Dunbar: U.S. Army award, EPA award, and Stockholm Junior Water Prize for “Developing a Novel Autonomous Robot for Cleaning Oil Spills in Water”

McKenna Sun of Dunbar: Certificate of Outstanding Achievement in In Vitro for “The Effects of Dietary Insulin Supplementation on Chronic Symptoms after Mild Traumatic Brain Injury”

Lohith Tummala of Dunbar: U.S. Metric Association award for “The Minimization of Magnetic Field Gradients via the Placement of Specialized Coil Systems” 

Angela Wang of Dunbar: Association for Women Geoscientists award and American Institute of Professional Geologists award for “Analyzing Zircons from Magmatic Rocks from the Franklin Mountains to Determine Correlation to Grenville Orogeny or Midcontinent Rift System”

Middle school division
(all from Morton unless noted)

Animal sciences: 3rd place to Adaline Dillon-Kariuki

Behavioral & social sciences: 3rd to Katherine Haynes

Biochemistry: 3rd to Chloe Evans

Biomedical Engineering: 3rd to Madeline Rugg

Chemistry: 1st place to Kate DeHoag

Earth & Environmental Science: 1st place to Karthika Hariprasad of Jessie Clark and 3rd to Rebecca White of Morton

Physics & Astronomy: 2nd to Alex Kelly and 3rd to J. Kyle Rodgers

Robotics & Intelligent Machines: 1st place to Kate Hastings of Cassidy Elementary

Special award recipients

Kate DeHoag of Morton: Broadcom MASTERS for “Bath Fizzy Crisis 2.0”

Adaline Dillon-Kariuki of Morton: Amazon Innovation Award (3rd place) for “Flour or No Flour?”

Karthika Hariprasad of Jessie Clark: Taking the Pulse of the Planet award, Lemelson Early Inventor Prize, EPA award, and Broadcom MASTERS for “Environment Friendly Disposable Gloves”

Rebecca White of Morton: EPA award for “Shellfish in the sea: Are they poisoning me?”

The Kentucky Science & Engineering Fair aims to expand educational opportunities for middle and high school students, and to provide annual statewide competitions that support, encourage, and recognize student excellence in research. For more details, please email state director June Settle at EKU. For general questions in FCPS, contact K-12 science instructional specialist David Helm.  

(Posted April 6, 2021)

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