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Edythe J. Hayes teacher earns Social Studies bonus for district

ASPIRE logo April Deener of Edythe J. Hayes Middle School has secured Social Studies resources for the entire school district through a competition with fellow teachers. In a recent professional learning session, ASPIRE asked participants to modify or create a document-based questioning (DBQ) lesson using their six-step process for engaging students. Deener’s submission for eighth grade U.S. History, “Who is to blame for the Boston Massacre?” was one of five winners. The prize was a DBQ site license and content materials, and the license will be available to other teachers in Fayette County Public Schools as well. 

ASPIRE, a history and civics program funded through the U.S. Department of Education and the Kentucky Educational Development Corp. (KEDC), provided the Oct. 3 session on document-based questioning and inquiry. This method helps students better understand primary source documents and create strong arguments verbally and in writing. 

“As a history teacher, I want to provide my students with opportunities to experience new and exciting knowledge about all aspects of our culture and history. By enthusiastically engaging students in fascinating lessons and using strategies that address each child’s unique learning style, I believe that students will achieve academic success,” said Deener, who was the 2018 Kentucky History Teacher of the Year. 

Deener has taught in FCPS for 12 years including 11 at Hayes, where she is also Beta Club sponsor. A native of Georgetown, she earned a bachelor’s degree in Middle School Education specializing in Language Arts and Social Studies from the University of Kentucky, and a master’s degree in Middle School Education from Georgetown College. She is working on a Rank I master’s in Teacher Leadership and Mentoring in Social Studies. 

(Posted Oct. 27, 2020)

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