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Winburn student picks up national history award in 2020 NHD contest

NHD logo Alexander Stumbur, who recently completed eighth grade at Winburn Middle School, earned a special award in the 2019-20 NHD National Contest, whose theme was “Breaking Barriers in History.” His project – an individual exhibit in the junior division titled “Pack Horse Library Project: Breaking the Boundaries of Poverty and Illiteracy” – received the History of Agriculture and Rural Life Award (sponsored by the Agricultural History Society). 

In migrating the competition online because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the National History Day organizers extended the event that usually spans five days at the University of Maryland, College Park. Instead, the competition was conducted remotely over seven days, June 14-20. Three other students from Fayette County Public Schools qualified: Emily Hall of Edythe J. Hayes Middle School and Nora Reichert of Winburn for their papers and Samantha Dotson of Frederick Douglass High School for her documentary. 

The nonprofit National History Day promotes the teaching and learning of history in middle and high schools around the world through a variety of programs for teachers and students. For more information, visit the Kentucky Historical Society website or contact NHD Kentucky state coordinator Jennifer Disponette at (502) 782-8092.



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