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Henry Clay’s debate team tallies 7th consecutive state championship

Henry Clay's 2020 debate champions

The debate team from Henry Clay High School captured its seventh straight state championship this spring, earning the Sustained Excellence Trophy and Coach of the Year honors for Ryan Ray. Paul Laurence Dunbar placed second in the team debate sweepstakes in the Kentucky High School Speech League’s 2020 state tournament March 11-12 at the University of Louisville. (COVID-19 concerns preempted the accompanying speech tournament slated for that weekend.)

Top results from Fayette County Public Schools

Congressional debate: 2nd place to Johnathan Hurley, Lafayette; and 4th to William Byerman, Henry Clay

Supersession participants: from Henry Clay -- Sebastian Enz, Hope Jordan, and Celia Dawahare; from Dunbar – Ashley Su, Liam Demann, Riya Guha, and Nathan Zhu; and from Lafayette -- Julianne Sharpe and Claire Qian

Varsity Public Forum Debate: 1st place to August Colby & Santiago O’Neil of Henry Clay, and 2nd to Parker Smith & Sydney Sun of Dunbar

Varsity Lincoln-Douglas Debate: 1st place to Jack Lofwall, Henry Clay; and 2nd to David Vulakh, Dunbar

Novice Public Forum Debate: co-champions -- Emily Hu & Daksha Pillai of Dunbar, and Zoe Jenkins & Nyasha Musoni of Dunbar

Novice Lincoln-Douglas Debate: co-champions -- Chose Sachs & Matthew Kotter of Henry Clay

Policy Debate: 1st place to Abby Gottesman & Sam Merritt of Henry Clay, and 2nd to Sneha Amrit & Emmy Sippy of Henry Clay

Speaker Awards / Varsity Public Forum: 2nd place to August Colby, Henry Clay; 3rd to Tag Howard, Henry Clay; 4th to Santiago O’Neil, Henry Clay; 5th to Jasir Rahman, Henry Clay; 6th to Gabriella Staykova, Dunbar; 8th to Dylan Campbell, Bryan Station; 9th to Sanaa Kahloon, Dunbar; and 10th to Parker Smith, Dunbar

Speaker Awards / Varsity Lincoln-Douglas: 1st place to Jack Lofwall, Henry Clay; 3rd to Sadie Bograd, Dunbar; 5th to Cole Knight, Henry Clay; 7th to Will Baumann, Henry Clay; 9th to David Vulakh, Dunbar; and 10th to Lynn Ye, Dunbar

Top Speakers / Policy: Emmy Sippy and Sneha Amrit of Henry Clay

Speaker Awards / Novice Public Forum: 1st place to Daksha Pillai, Dunbar; 2nd to Emily Hu, Dunbar; 3rd to Karson Whitley, Henry Clay; 4th to Justine Lofwall, Henry Clay; 5th to Zoe Jenkins, Dunbar; and 9th to Ghazzal Hammad, Henry Clay

Speaker Awards / Novice Lincoln-Douglas: 1st place to Wendy Wei, Dunbar; 2nd to Chloe Sachs, Henry Clay; 3rd to Matthew Kotter, Henry Clay; and 8th to Cayla Barreiro, Henry Clay

For questions about the debate tournament or results, please contact Steve Meadows with KHSSL.




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