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Students practice diplomacy at 2020 Kentucky UN Assembly

Several middle and high school groups from Fayette County Public Schools participated in the 2020 Kentucky United Nations Assembly in Louisville during March; two of the six KUNA sessions were then canceled amid COVID-19 concerns. In this three-day experiential learning program, students engage in simulated international diplomacy, experience the richness of cultures from around the world, develop empathy, and hone critical-thinking skills while encountering a variety of perspectives and global issues with peers from around the state. Students also serve as officers, run as candidates, and earn merit-based awards. Following are this spring’s highlights from FCPS. 

Middle schools

  • Premiere Delegations: Jessie Clark Middle;
  • Outstanding Ambassadors: Elena Schultz of Jessie Clark;
  • Schools slated to attend a canceled conference: Winburn and Tates Creek;
  • Presiding Officers for 2020 canceled conference: Daksha Pillai as president of the UN General Assembly and Blake Cegelka as Security Council president (both now attending Paul Laurence Dunbar High School).

High schools

  • Premiere Delegations: Frederick Douglass, Lafayette, Tates Creek, and STEAM Academy;
  • Outstanding Ambassadors: Lily Eller of Lafayette, Rohma Akhtar of Tates Creek, Alli Condi of Douglass, and Juliette Wallace of STEAM;
  • Outstanding Speakers: David Hensley of Douglass, and Arden Ensor and Sarah Grace Sajadi of Lafayette;
  • Outstanding ICJ Advocate Team: Lafayette;
  • ICJ Showcase Advocate: Robert Lowther of Lafayette;
  • Outstanding Delegation: Lafayette;
  • Best New Delegation: Frederick Douglass;
  • Schools slated to attend a canceled conference: Henry Clay and Bryan Station;  
  • Presiding officers for 2020: Abigail Rasmussen of Lafayette as International Court of Justice president.

For more about KUNA, visit the Kentucky YMCA Youth Association website, email East Region director Ryan Simpson, or call (502) 227-7028.



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