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Dunbar’s swim teams take top honors in Region 8 championships

Paul Laurence Dunbar High School led the team standings after the 2020 Region 8 Swimming & Diving Championships on Feb. 6. In the girls meet, Henry Clay placed second with Lafayette in a close third. Henry Clay also was runner-up in the boys field. Following are the top-2 results from Fayette County Public Schools in each event. 


  • 200 medley relay: second place, Henry Clay (Zoe Schaeffer, Olivia Greinke, Katherine Anne Rukavina, and Van McKinley)
  • 200 freestyle: first, Emma Lykins of Lafayette
  • 200 IM: second, Sarah Ming of Dunbar
  • 50 freestyle: first, Lili Elayi of Lafayette
  • 1-meter diving: first, Van McKinley of Henry Clay
  • 100 butterfly: first, Lili Elayi of Lafayette; second, Zoe Schaeffer of Henry Clay
  • 100 freestyle: first, Emma Lykins of Lafayette; second, Katie Bridwell of Dunbar
  • 500 freestyle: first, Makayla Young of Dunbar
  • 200 freestyle relay: second, Lafayette (Lili Elayi, Lou Elayi, Katherine Cherry, and Emma Lykins)
  • 100 backstroke: first, Zoe Schaeffer of Henry Clay; second, Megan Wedeking of Bryan Station
  • 100 breaststroke: second, Meher Saini of Tates Creek
  • 400 freestyle relay: second, Dunbar (Taylor Albrecht, Sophie Hildebrandt, Makayla Young, and Katie Bridwell) 


  • 200 medley relay: first place, Dunbar (Eli Merritt, Alex Ochsenbein, Robby Neal, and Nate Rich)
  • 200 freestyle: second, Jared Brown of Dunbar
  • 200 IM: first, Jackson Millard of Henry Clay; second, Alex Ochsenbein of Dunbar
  • 50 freestyle: second, Nate Rich of Dunbar
  • 100 butterfly: second, Jack Johnson of Henry Clay
  • 100 freestyle: second, Eli Merritt of Dunbar
  • 500 freestyle: first, Jack Johnson of Henry Clay
  • 200 freestyle relay: first, Dunbar (Nate Rich, Nathan Zhu, Jack Naehr, and Robby Neal); second, Henry Clay (Benjamin Hightower, Jackson Millard, Max Montgomery, and Landon Jennings)
  • 100 backstroke: second, Jackson Millard of Henry Clay
  • 100 breaststroke: first, Alex Ochsenbein of Dunbar; second, Carter Boggess of Lafayette
  • 400 freestyle relay: first, Dunbar (Eli Merritt, Alex Ochsenbein, Nathan Zhu, and Jared Brown); second, Henry Clay (Jack Johnson, Nick Johnson, Cole Bray, and Landon Jennings) 

Region 8 complete results



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