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SCAPA sets standard in 2020 regional speech competition; Dunbar also places first

SCAPA at Bluegrass controlled the junior division of the Kentucky High School Speech League’s 2020 Bluegrass Regional Tournament, and Paul Laurence Dunbar High School placed first in the senior division. Henry Clay High School finished second in the Feb. 1 competition. 

FCPS results* / junior division

  • Radio Broadcasting: champion, Holly Taylor; runner-up, Samantha Miculinich
  • Declamation: champion, Holly Taylor; runner-up, Kelly Yang
  • Dramatic Interpretation: champion, Parker Olukalns; runner-up, Anna Curry
  • Duo Acting: champion, Annelise Brown & Eloise Logsdon; runner-up, Anna Curry & Owen Scott
  • Extemporaneous Speaking: champion, Magdalena Colby; runner-up, Evan Riegert
  • Humorous Interpretation: champion, Aina Marti; runner-up, Katherine Worrell
  • Impromptu Speaking: champion, Sophie Watson; runner-up, Anthony Zhang
  • Improvisational Duo: champion, Evan Riegert & Owen Scott; runner-up Katherine Worrell & Ellie Naish
  • Oratory: champion, Nina Tay; runner-up, Luka Mijatovic
  • Poetry: champion, Lily Bramble; runner-up, Samantha Miculinich
  • Prose: champion, Harper Crosby; runner-up Anna Curry
  • Storytelling: champion, Aina Marti; runner-up Evelyn Hruby

* all from SCAPA at Bluegrass 

FCPS results / senior division

  • Declamation: champion, Emily Hu of Dunbar; runner-up, Emily Xiao of Dunbar
  • Duo Interpretation: champion, Nyasha Musoni & Sanaa Kahloon of Dunbar; runner-up, Kirsten Couly & Lindsey Guilford of Henry Clay
  • Extemporaneous Speaking: champion, Cole Knight of Henry Clay; runner-up, Stephen Yin of Dunbar
  • Humorous Interpretation: champion, Grace Grigsby of Henry Clay
  • Impromptu Speaking: champion, Sadie Bograd of Dunbar
  • Improvisational Duo: champion, Skylar Seavey & Kathuure Miriti of Lafayette; runner-up Arden Ensor & Sarah Sajadi of Lafayette
  • Informative Speaking: champion, Sophia Li of Henry Clay; runner-up Nyasha Musoni of Dunbar
  • Oratory: champion, Parker Smith of Dunbar; runner-up, Sanaa Kahloon of Dunbar
  • Poetry: champion, Abby Burns of Henry Clay; runner-up, Sophia Li of Henry Clay
  • Program Oral Interpretation: champion, Sanaa Kahloon of Dunbar
  • Prose: champion, Lindsey Guilford of Henry Clay; runner-up, Samantha Hacker of Henry Clay
  • Storytelling: champion, Irving Morris of Dunbar; runner-up McKenna Sun of Dunbar

The regionals qualified students for state competition. For questions, please email SCAPA Principal Beth Randolph.



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