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Dunbar academic team places first in regional JV Challenge

An academic team from Paul Laurence Dunbar High School took first place in Section 12 of the 2019 JV Challenge, a regional competition designed for freshmen and sophomores. Dunbar also placed first in the quick recall portion of the contest, which concluded Nov. 9. 

Top individuals 

Math – first place, Krishna Bhatraju; second, Teerth Patel; third, Jason Zhang 

Science – first, Teerth Patel; second, Varun Hariprasad; fourth, Ralph Bright 

Social studies – second, Jason Zhang; third, Ralph Bright 

Language arts – second, Joanna Cholewo; third, Alexandra Seesee; fourth, Zoe Leindecker 

Arts & humanities – third, Dorottya Gal; fifth, Joanna Cholewo; sixth, Zoe Leindecker 

Composition – first, Daksha Pillai; second, Alexandra Seesee; third, Emily Hu 

Complete results 

Dunbar was the only participant from Fayette County Public Schools.



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