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Jessie Clark sweeps 2019 middle school volleyball championships

Top-seeded Jessie Clark won both volleyball championships in the district’s 2019 middle school tournaments. Beaumont was the “A” league runner-up, and Morton was second in the “B” bracket. In sixth-grade action, Jessie Clark took the title for a second straight year with a victory over Edythe J. Hayes. Also at the Oct. 2 finals, Fayette County Public Schools saluted Beaumont’s team-high 3.88 GPA, a back-to-back award for the Colts.

During the regular season this fall, the Jessie Clark, Beaumont, and Hayes “A” teams all finished 9-1 in the standings to share the title. Jessie Clark’s “B” team went undefeated in the regular season and through the tournament. 

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