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Liberty paraeducator receives Superintendent's 212 Degrees Award

Beth Brockman Beth Brockman, a special education paraeducator at Liberty Elementary, has received the Superintendent’s 212 Degrees Award for going above and beyond in service. In late August, Brockman performed the Heimlich on a student choking in the school cafeteria
-- remembering the maneuver from her safety training videos. “Any of us would have done the exact same thing for our babies,” she said. 

Colleague Karyn Potts recalled how when the panicked student approached Brockman, she quickly jumped into life-saving mode and dislodged the food. "Having cafeteria duty is not necessarily overwhelming, but the noise level and movement of so many kids takes a quick mind to notice and know when something is wrong and to step into action," Potts said. "All the praise to Beth for her quick actions, steady mind and hands. I know the student will never forget it!"

Superintendent Manny Caulk and the Fayette County Board of Education saluted Brockman at the Sept. 23 school board meeting.



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