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Sixty-seven seniors complete 2019 Governor’s Scholars Program

Nearly six dozen high school students from Fayette County Public Schools this summer participated in the 2019 Governor’s Scholars Program, exchanging ideas and exploring different points of view with peers from around the state. The following rising seniors attended one of the five-week sessions at Morehead State, Centre College, and Bellarmine University.

  • Bryan Station: LaMargaret Johnson and Brendley Nathaniel;
  • Frederick Douglass: Alyssa Gebhardt and Paige Hensley;
  • Henry Clay: Jackson Broyles, Madeleine Cohen, Eli Flomenhoft, Olivia Greinke, Lily Guilfoil, Meghan Jennings, Paul Kamer, Megan Kauffman, Lydia Klumb, Lauren Payne, Thomas Payne Jr., and Bhoomi Shah;
  • Lafayette: Benjamin Adair, Jackson Butcher, Michelle Choi, McKenna Clinch, Fiona Farrer, Tatum Fowler, Charles Frederick, Ashley Grospitch, Deborah Han, Madison Hart, Anya Hartman, Benjamin Henderson, Seira Ito, Benjamin Lozano, Niki Maleki, Mary Matocha, Bela Nelson, Sarah Perry, Jonathan Reynolds, and Abigail Washnock;
  • Paul Laurence Dunbar: Oluwaseun Adekunle, Paloma Bravo, Benjamin Cline, William Ding, Abigail Fister, Reka Gal, Grace Goff, Amal Gondal, Aneesh Kadambi, Alan Luo, Graeme Marshall, Ioan Moga, Mohammad Rashad, Hugh Skinker, and Angie Xiao;
  • STEAM Academy: Nathaniel Ainslie, Camarian Dickey, Anjali Gardella, and Haley Sutherland;
  • Tates Creek: Reece Allen, Grace Brooks, Adam Fernandez, Emily Ferring, Iman Hassan, Kassidy Maust, Olivia Morgan, Alexis Petrey, Susannah Rickert, Jenna Shalash, Saja Salash, and Alexis Wright.

The Governor’s Scholars Program provides opportunities for academic and personal growth as students balance a busy schedule in the sciences, mathematics, social sciences, humanities, and the arts along with seminars, community improvement projects, and co-curricular, residential, and student-initiated activities.  

A statewide selection committee chooses students from nominations submitted by school districts. Criteria include academic records and test scores, teacher and community recommendations, extracurricular and service activities, and a writing entry. The program is free. For questions, please call (502) 573-1618.

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