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Winburn team takes first place in Section 24 of Sixth Grade Showcase

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The Sixth Grade Showcase, which the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels sponsors, provides a competitive academic opportunity for the state’s sixth graders, who are sometimes “lost” between elementary and middle grades in the Governor’s Cup series. The format includes five written assessments, composition, and quick recall.  

In fall 2018, groups of schools participated in 37 sections statewide. The team from Winburn Middle School took first place Dec. 1 in the Section 24 final standings, followed by Beaumont and Tates Creek. In the quick recall portion, Beaumont finished first, Winburn second, and Tates Creek third. 

Top FCPS individuals: 

  • Math – first, Daniel Lee, Tates Creek; second, Arimitsu Horikawa-Strakovsky, Winburn;
  • Science – first, Thomas Yuan, Beaumont; second, Harsha Tummala, Beaumont;
  • Social Studies – first, Ayaan Arain, Winburn; second, Jack Incorporated, Winburn;
  • Language Arts – tied for first, Ayaan Arain and Siddhi Viswanath, both from Winburn;
  • Arts and Humanities – first, Hasita Karthikeyan, Beaumont; second, Jack Incorporated, Winburn;
  • Composition – tied for first, Ayat Gondal and Rithika Chopra, both of Beaumont.

Section 24 complete results


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