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KMEA salutes 2021 all-state musicians in virtual event

The Kentucky Music Educators Association chose scores of talented students from Fayette County Public Schools to participate in its 2021 virtual all-state event Feb. 3-6. In addition, three FCPS groups will perform during the Feb. 15-18 professional development conference, which will also be virtual because of COVID-19 restrictions:

  • Lafayette High School’s percussion ensemble, with director Aaron Jones;
  • Frederick Douglass High School’s orchestra, with director Sarah Payne; and
  • Leestown Middle School’s orchestra, with director Nathan Wilson.

Congratulations to these all-state honorees:

Symphony Orchestra

  • From Bryan Station High School: Adam Florence, bass; Andrew Peng, cello; Emily Peng, 1st violin; and Benjamin Shapere, cello;
  • From Frederick Douglass High School: Navin Tantasook, viola;
  • From Henry Clay High School: James Chen, 1st violin; Trevor Davis, bass; Dorottya Gal, 2nd violin; Kiefer Lin, 2nd violin; and Vivienne Lucier, viola;
  • From Lafayette High School: Brooke Cole, flute; Isabelle Lin, clarinet; Colin Neal, snare drum; Jill Peterson, oboe; Ella Tomb, oboe; Andrew Waters, trumpet; Ella Abraham, 2nd violin; Jackson Arnold, cello; Alexander Auer, 1st violin; William Auer, 1st violin; Kaia Bush, bass; John Copeland, bass; Oscar Heft, 1st violin; Priscilla Higashi, 2nd violin; Asmita Karki, viola; Amber Knight, 2nd violin; Richard Smith, viola; Brennen Taggart, bass; Sara Tucker, cello; and Luise Wendroth, 1st violin;
  • From Paul Laurence Dunbar High School: Emily Hu, 2nd violin; Yasin Khan, viola; Jenny Lee, 2nd violin; Judy Lee, viola; Andrew Liu, 1st violin; Maggie Qiu, 2nd violin; Tharanie Subramaniam, 1st violin; Ethan Tai, 2nd violin; Justin Wong, 2nd violin; Alden Yorba, 1st violin; Angela Zhang, viola; Connor Zhang, 1st violin; and Chandler Zhu, 2nd

Commonwealth Strings

  • From Bryan Station: Akshay Thakur, bass;
  • From Henry Clay: William Krouse, 2nd violin; Koen Lin, 1st violin; and Jillian Zhu, 1st violin;
  • From Lafayette: Claire Abraham, cello; Wes Baskette, viola; Gillian Faulkner, cello; Jessica Harrison, 1st violin; Hanna Knox, cello; Jose Lino, 1st violin; Lindsey Long, viola; Ashley Powell, 1st violin; Liam Rayens, cello; and Evie Watt, 1st violin;
  • From Dunbar: Halie Boyer, viola; Owen Cai, cello; Eric Chen, cello; Jason Chen, 2nd violin; Angela Gao, viola; Daniel Goff, bass; Sireesha Gutti, 1st violin; A.J. Johnson, cello; Daniel Lee, 2nd violin; and Bailey Zhu, cello.

Symphonic Band

  • From Henry Clay: Grant Clifford, French horn; and Madeline Deep, flute (piccolo);
  • From Lafayette: Islam Abushareah, clarinet; Angel Aguilar, tenor saxophone; Madeline Andreatta, clarinet; Maire Birdwell, flute; Ian Connelley, trombone; Gabriel Curtis, trumpet; Emery Grimm, bass clarinet; Aina Marti, oboe; Josiah McKinney, French horn; Luke Nuzzo, trombone; and Brandon Wang, clarinet;
  • From Dunbar: Benjamin Chen, clarinet; William He, clarinet; and Chris Wang, French horn.

Concert Band

  • From Bryan Station: Zachary Henz, clarinet.
  • From Henry Clay: Claire Baumann, flute; and Ethan Scott, trumpet;
  • From Lafayette: Jack Baker, bassoon; Gabriel Brown, trombone; Samuel Dailey, tenor saxophone; Jayden Doan, bass trombone; Gwendolyn Hinkle, flute; Jenna James, flute;
    John Koenig, trombone; Logan Liu, clarinet; McKenzie Mullikin, clarinet; Luke Ransom, tuba; Eric Reynolds, bass trombone; Noah Shofner, trumpet; Jenna Steele, flute; Tess Wampler, trumpet; Amanda Woolum, oboe; and Lance Young, baritone sax;
  • From Dunbar: Michael Martorano, trumpet; Mason Taylor, clarinet; and Laura Tong, flute.

Jazz Band

  • From Lafayette: Charles Caswell, drums; Colin Ferguson, trombone; Jackson Greene, trumpet; Hiroshi Hunter, baritone sax; and Evelyn Weaver, alto saxophone.

For more information, please call the school, visit the KMEA site, or contact KMEA associate director Melissa Skaggs at (859) 626-5635.

(Posted Feb. 1, 2021)

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