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Subaru’s support boosts library renovation at Russell Cave


Thanks to generous community support, students at Russell Cave Elementary can look forward to a revamped school library and new makerspace that fosters creativity. The $10,000 donation comes through Subaru Loves Learning, which partners with Adopt A Classroom. “We’ve been wanting to renovate our library, so this gives us a chance to get it all done this year,” said Principal Amber Catron, who is in her seventh year at Russell Cave. 

Diana Keating and Brentley Jones of Quantrell Subaru surprised the teachers and staff with the announcement. “The mission is to give back,” Jones said as they listed schools, animals, the environment, and healthy lifestyles among corporate interests. 

The library media specialist, Allie Dale, is a veteran of Harrison County schools, but 2021-22 is her first year at Russell Cave. “I can’t wait to make the library a really nice space for our kids. It’ll be a lot of work, but I know they’ll enjoy it,” she said. “They’ll get more excited about reading and checking out books.” 

The plans call for new furniture and comfortable, flexible seating. The makerspace, which will be a first-time venture for Dale, will feature arts and crafts activities. Quantrell is accepting donations of supplies to help stock up. Dale already has some ideas, too, such as Makerspace Bingo to encourage students to complete various tasks. She has also guided the children in painting narrow wooden shelf markers to hold their place while they ponder books. 

“Our library will become the media/collaboration hub across all grade levels,” Catron said. “We are so excited that we have been given the opportunity to revitalize our library and to incorporate 21st century skills that will integrate all subject areas. That is when true learning happens!”  


Subaru Loves Learning 

Adopt A Classroom 

Contact: Allie Dale, library media specialist at Russell Cave Elementary, (859) 381-3571

(Posted Aug. 18, 2021)

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