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Older students excited to reconnect at Sandersville

The second wave of returning students flowed into Sandersville Elementary on a Wednesday morning like no other – with their new normal marked by facemasks, thermal temperature checks, and other precautions. The March influx filled the building, which last emptied of children nearly a year ago as the COVID-19 pandemic arrived. “It was kind of weird coming back to school. It felt very different, but I’m happy we’re back in person,” said 9-year-old Ted Lubin, a fourth grader. “Classmates looked a little different – some were taller! – but I was happy just to see them.”

Fayette County Public Schools is gradually bringing in students across the district, in phases by grade level as the community virus numbers and other factors allow. “We are excited to welcome our third, fourth, and fifth graders whose families chose in-person learning back to campus,” said Acting Superintendent Marlene Helm. “After a week with our primary students, we have refined our health and safety procedures, and our elementary schools are ready for the next step in our return to face-to-face instruction.”

Principal Matt Marsh noted Sandersville had made minor adjustments since grades K-2 returned, which has helped the routines go more smoothly. “It’s been pretty quiet after we worked out the wrinkles on Day 1,” he said.

Overall, the youngsters at Sandersville were eager to be back in the classroom March 3. Third grader Maelee Thompson had missed seeing her teacher and best friends, and was certain the first day would be a good one. “In person will probably be easier since the teacher can see you raise your hand,” she added. Fifth grader Finley Paul was also ready to resume school activities and agreed the older students could model the new practices such as social distancing in the hallway. “I was really excited to come back,” Finley said. “I saw all my friends this morning, and I was so excited to see them!”

(Posted March 3, 2021)

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