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IB Showcase demonstrates cohesive mission on Tates Creek campus

Leaders in the International Baccalaureate Programme hosted a student-driven showcase to spotlight the Tates Creek campus-wide initiative, which according to the IB learner profile, aims “to develop internationally minded people who, recognizing their common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet, help to create a better and more peaceful world.” Students and staff from Tates Creek elementary, middle, and high schools spent the morning exchanging ideas and chatting with district administrators and board members who joined the tour. 

TCE / Primary Years Programme

In the elementary cafeteria, small groups of fifth-graders presented exhibition projects on topics ranging from litter, social media, and bullying to puppy mills, fossil fuels, and more. Selected middle and high school students browsed the poster boards, heard descriptions of their in-depth, collaborative inquiry, and offered feedback. “These projects reflect how we can fix a part of the world and contribute to global society’s health. It helps us be more connected to the world, and it helps you be more of a leader,” said Trae White, whose team explored food insecurity.

Lisa Johnson, the school’s PYP coordinator, said the youngsters were excited to share their work and build toward the next level. “We want them to take ownership of their learning,” she said. “They then go in (to middle school) a little more prepared, and hopefully that translates on up to the high school.” Principal Carrie Paul agreed about the IB progression, adding, “It provides a level of coherence and consistency across all three schools.”

TCMS / Middle Years Programme

At the middle school, eighth-graders offered up community projects they developed over many months. “It’s not just a research project. It’s a demonstration of what they’ve learned and all the skills they’ve been working on. It’s also about reflecting on how to put this presentation together,” said Kelly Sirginnis, the MYP coordinator, who also cited evidence of service and action, problem solving, design thinking, knowledge acquisition, and conceptual understanding. “The projects presented at each school demonstrate the breadth and depth of the IB program,” she noted.

For instance, Varun Hariprasad came up with a practical device to share with relatives in India, where electricity can be patchy. “I learned about this problem and set out to solve it,” he said. A magnet charged by an attached fidget spinner powers Varun’s simple flashlight, which he explains how to make on an accompanying website.

Closer to home, classmates Darius Gaston Garner and Trequan Logan have also made a difference. “Our project is about some kids in need. We wanted to help those who didn’t have much by providing toys, and we put smiles on their faces,” Trequan said of their donations drive for a Trent Boulevard daycare. The boys reached out to their schoolmates and teachers via email, flyers, and the morning news show, and collected a half-dozen boxes of stuffed animals, coloring books, action figures, and other toys. The gifts will be nice, but the true value will come in building relationships. “We wanted to give them something we didn’t have,” said Darius, who hopes the tots grow up in a positive environment. (Click here for video.)

TCHS / Diploma Programme 

At Tates Creek High School, IB is an option for students who want a challenging college preparatory curriculum. Interested freshmen and sophomores take advanced-level core classes to prepare, and juniors and seniors are immersed in IB curriculum that leads to potentially earning an IB Diploma and college credit.  During the morning’s showcase, older students promoted IB via various subject areas like IB Psychology, IB Music, IB World Languages, IB Biology, and IB Chemistry. 

Faith Hopps, a junior, hopes incoming students are open to the idea of the diploma programme. “IB makes for a close-knit community, and you’re all going through it together. It’s a lot of work, but you can do it. It’s not as scary as everyone makes it seem, and it’s worth it,” Faith said. “Whenever I go to college, I know I’m prepared,” she added. “I can manage my time and feel confident in my ability to be a good student and be successful.” 

Program coordinator Delores Minor cited real-life preparedness as the overarching benefit, saying, “It’s important for Fayette County Public Schools to understand the impact IB can have on the community as a whole.” 

Did you know? The International Baccalaureate Programme at Tates Creek High School is open to all FCPS students who want to challenge themselves with a rigorous college preparatory track. The application window is Aug. 15 through Oct. 7 for the following school year.

Save the date: Aug. 19 is the districtwide Program Information Night for gifted & talented services, magnet schools, and specialized academic programs.



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