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Art Lease gives SCAPA students public outlet for expression

For eighth-grader Taylor Horsfall, the spring Art Lease is a chance to try on a grown-up role as the art majors from SCAPA at Bluegrass deliver their best work to the public. “It’s practice and training for becoming a professional artist,” Taylor said. “It’s almost like a simulation – presenting your art and offering an analysis so people will want it.”

Art Lease, a fundraiser run by Friends of the Arts School since 1992, invites families, friends, and local businesses to encourage young artists by renting a piece to display for six months. “It is our way to showcase student artwork and to give back to our community,” said teacher Rei Adamson. Over the past three years, Art Lease has brought in a total of $8,300 for SCAPA’s visual arts program. The 2019 event could net $4,500 if all 60 pieces go for $75 each. But chances are, not all the artwork will be rented. “Refusals is part of being an artist,” Taylor noted. SCAPA will display the remainder in the hallways and at school functions.

All the art majors in grades 4-8 will participate in Art Lease, which is considered part of their class. They have chosen their favorite two-dimensional works from recent projects in different media, such as watercolor, graphite drawing, painting, and charcoal. “Out of everything we’ve done this year, they get to pick two, so there will be a variety of subjects,” Adamson said. Taylor, for instance, selected a charcoal and conte (wax pastel) piece depicting Achilles from Greek mythology. “We were exploring value and creating depth and contrast,” she recalled.

The gallery exhibition where guests can peruse the options will run from 1 to 4 p.m. Saturday March 23 at Awesome Inc., 348 E. Main St. downtown. Students will set up easels in the space, allowing room for meandering and conversation. Live music and refreshments will provide a comfortable backdrop.

SCAPA has asked its students and families to help reach out to the community in promoting Art Lease. “By supporting our events, you’re supporting our students and the arts. We always try to bring it back to the students,” Adamson said. “It’s incredibly expensive to do the things that SCAPA does -- from productions at the Opera House to daily operations. We literally couldn’t do what we do without the generous support of our community partners, and our students are grateful for the opportunities.” 

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Art Lease

  • What: Exhibition of student art available to rent
  • When: 1 to 4 p.m. March 23
  • Where: Awesome Inc., 348 E. Main St.
  • Contact: Teacher Rei Adamson, (859) 381-3332



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