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OMC Transportation by Fayette County Buses

If you are a student who will be using Fayette County buses to get to and from school, here is the bus information that you will need:

In the morning, you will ride the bus from your home/neighborhood to your home high school (the bus number and location of the neighborhood bus stop can be found on the FCPS website).  Once at the home high school, you will transfer to the Southside Technical School bus. For example, if your home high school is Henry Clay, you will transfer to the Southside Technical bus #304.  At Southside Technical, you will transfer to bus #19 for the short ride to OMC at BCTC-Cooper.  You will arrive at OMC around 9:00 in time for breakfast and the first high school class that begins at 9:15 or the first college class that begins at 9:30.

At the end of the day-2:15, all OMC bus students will ride bus #14 back to Southside Technical School.  From Southside, students will ride the bus that goes back to their home high school for regular afternoon dismissal. The exact bus for each home high school is listed below.  For example, if your home high school is Bryan Station, you will ride bus #227 back to Bryan Station where you will catch the neighborhood bus to your home.


The complete listing of bus numbers is listed below:

Morning (arrival time around 9:00)

BRYAN STATION TO Southside Tech  #227

DOUGLASS TO Southside Tech #1971

HENRY CLAY TO Southside Tech  #304

LAFAYETTE TO Southside Tech  #210

DUNBAR TO Southside Tech   #208

TATES CREEK TO Southside Tech  #19

 … then #904 to OMC at BCTC- Cooper

Bus will arrive around 9:00a.m.


PM (2:15 dismissal time)

Bus #14 to Southside

•        …then to BRYAN STATION #227 

•        …then to DOUGLASS #1973

•        …then to HENRY CLAY #215               

•        …then to LAFAYETTE #14

•        …then to DUNBAR #12 

•        …then to TATES CREEK #115