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Liberty Track & Field Team Recognized at the State Capitol

State Representative Ruth Ann Palumbo's office met the team at the state capitol in Frankfort to recognize the girl's state championship and boy's 3rd place finishes at the 2019 Kentucky state track meet.

 List of all the participants and coaches:

Lindsey Roberts-Head Coach, Leah Park- Assistant Coach, Kathy Broadnax- Assistant Coach, Kevin Kyde- Assistant Coach, Eric Harshman- Assistant Coach, Rick Ingram- Assistant Coach, Erik Emery- Team Assistant, Kyle Dick- Team Assistant. 


Presley Reed, Min Jing Yeast, Anderson Brennan, Sydney Roberts (Long Jump- State Champion, 4x100 State Champion, 4x400 State Champion), Kaliyah Broadnax, Tye Park (4x800 State Champion), Berkley Mahler, Laila Hudspeth (4x800 State Champion, 4x400 State Champion, 4x100 State Champion), Signe Ingram, Maddie Barkley (4x800 State Champion, 4x400 State Champion), Kylie Blackburn, Mila Gonzalez (4x100 State Champion, 3rd place 4x400), Harper Reed, Taylor Smith, Hazely Higginbotham (3rd place 4x400), Reagan Roberts (2nd place Long Jump, 4x100 State Champion, 3rd place 4x400) , Hope Fardo, Emily Fardo, Chloe Lewis (100m State Champion, 200m State Champion, 4x100 State Champion), Isabella Spillman (400m State Champion, 4x100 State Champion, 4x400 State Champion), Emma Harshman (3rd place 4x400), Gia Griffin (State Champion 4x100), Laci Parks, Lydia Downey (3rd place Shot Put), Maria Tappel, Noelle Bevevino, Presley Campbell, Taylor Campbell, Journee Edwards, Jennah Matcheswala (3rd place 100m, 3rd place 200m, 4x100 State Champion), Kayleigh Stambaugh, Lyric Floyd, Edie Ingram (4x800 State Champion), Abigail Brown, Amanda Brown, Alima Sylva, Jayden Jackson, Nancy Andres, Angela Baires, Yisell Baires, Azariah Hughes (2nd place 4x100), Elizabeth Folsom, Graciela Tovar, Imani Metoyer (3rd place Turbo Javelin), Jillian Downey (2nd place 4x100), Kori Mayberry (2nd place 4x100), Alivia Vachio, Aubrey Vachio, Byrklei Tevis (2nd place 4x100), Raehana Matcheswala.


Alec Anderkin, Spencer Broge, Caleb Bush (4x100m second place), Xavier Carter (State Champion in shot put), Cameron Coots, Cole Craig, Logan Crase, Dominique Crosby (4x100m second place), Anthony Danforth, Jesse Dick (3rd place 800m, 3rd place 1600m, 4x400m state champion), Jimmy Dick, Landon Emery, Jacob Estes, Marley Evans (3rd place turbo javelin), Caleb Folsom (4x400m state champion, 4x100 state champion), Westin Fondaw, Noah Gooch, Trent Hartzell, Kingston Hudspeth, Tripp Hudspeth (4x400m state champion, 4x100m state champion), Kyon Jones, Brady Kyde (4x100m state champion), Xavier Lee (4x400m state champion, 4x100m state champion), Justin Lewis, Nicholas Lewis, Grant Mateus, Landon Moore, Jayden Morgan (3rd place Long Jump, 4x100m second place), Baker Palumbo, Asa Park, Jackson Roberts, Eli Scott, Korie Wilkerson (4x100m second place), Manu Yeast.