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SumoBot Competition

SumoBot competition will be open to Fayette County teams. This competition will help teams prepare for the state competition but it is not a qualifying event.

Fayette robotics info

Fayette teams with diplay boards, click here for information.

The information below pertains only to the Fayette STEM Fair Tournament.

1. Students

  • One or two students per team
  • A student may only be on one team.
  • You may register as many teams as you want for the STEM Fair (this is different than the limits of the STLP State Championship)
  • Each team needs their own robot

2. Times  - Times may change as plans are finalized in January.

  • 8:00-8:15  Check in at SumoBot table in the Gym.
  • 8:30 Competition (Gym)
  • 11:30 STEM Fair and SumoBot Awards Ceremony (Auditorium)

3. Registration

  • Registration will open early January.
  • Registration is due by February 21, 2020
  • A link to the registration form will be posted on the STLP SharePoint site.
  • The STLP Coordinator is responsible for all registrations for their school.

4.  Volunteers

  • Head Score Keeper has been selected.
  • Coaches may be asked to step to the board to watch for winning teams.

5.  Location

  • Bryan Station High School, 201 Eastin Road, Lexington, KY
  • Parking:  School lot at the side of the school
  • Registration (coach picks up school folder):  in the gym
  • Check-in table:  Gym
  • Competition will be in the gym.

6. Access

  • Wireless access will be available
  • Guest Wi-Fi will be available so parents and guest can access the online competition brackets.
  • The competition brackets will change as teams are added.

7.  Items to bring with you

  • Robot
  • Wireless device to acess online bracket
  • Student Information - Make sure your students have transportation. Bring emergency contact information for your students with you.
  • A fully charged laptop - Make sure you have logged into your laptop at your school. Once you are not on your school network, your computer will not know who you are if you have not logged into it (at least this is the case with Fayette County). It would be a good idea to make sure you can log into that computer when it is not on the school network.  If you have questions, contact your School Technology Coordinator.
  • Saved missions - have a backup on a flash drive and/or the laptop
  • A fully charged robot packed safely in a box for traveling.  (I have seen teams accidently drop their robot)
  • The USB to connect your robot to your laptop
  • Spare AA Batteries and the back to the brick (just in case you need it)
  • A robot repair kit with different LEGO pieces
  • Any attachments that your team has designed to use for competition
  • Students may want to bring money for concessions or plan to pack some snacks.

8.  Sensor Readings

  • Teams may check sensor readings and adjust their robot before submitting robot.

9.  Nametags

  • Each student and adult will wear a school-created name tag.

10.  Clean up

  • Students must clean up all materials and trash at the table upon departing.

11.  Results

  • Results will be posted live online:  posted at the top of this page.
  • Winners will be recognized at the STEM Fair Awards Ceremony in the Auditorium.
  • The times will be posted above in "Times."

12.  Safety

  • All students practice ethical, safe, and legal behavior.