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Students produce a video to educate, persuade, or entertain.

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1.  Students

  • An individual student or a team of up to 4 students compete.
  • The video is planned, shot, and edited by students.
  • The STLP Coordinator is responsible for making sure appropriate permission is obtained for student products to be displayed publically based upon your school guidelines. Permission is kept on file at the school.

2.  Times

  • Products are judged before the STEM Fair.
  • The Awards Ceremony time will be posted on the main STEM Fair web page.

3.  Registration

  • Registration will open early January.
  • Registration and the posting of products is due by February 21, 2020
  • The STLP Coordinator from each school is responsible for registration and uploading products.
  • Registration and product submission information and links are shared with STLP Coordinators on the STLP Google Team Drive.
  • An individual name, a team name, or up to 4 student names may be submitted on the registration form. The name(s) registered will be on certificates. Please check spelling.
  • The school does not need to supply a judge for STEM Fair product judging.

4.  Limits

  • Two products per category per division per school may be submitted.
  • Two products may not be submitted from the same student in the same category.
  • The same product may not be submitted for 2 categories.

5.  Divisions

  • Elementary (K-5)
  • Middle School (6-8)
  • High School (9-12)

6.  Categories

  • PSA: Students produce a Public Service Announcement (PSA) video using software to create works as a means of personal expression. A PSA is a short informational message aimed at changing the viewer's opinion or raise social awareness on an issue. It is persuasive and precise. The PSA is 60 seconds or less. Credits may be outside the time limit.
  • Video (not PSA): Students produce a video using software to create works as a means of personal expression. This category is for video that does not fit into the PSA category. The video, or portion to be judged, should be 5 minutes or less. Credits may be outside the 5 minute limit.

7.  Format

  • MP4 preferred. WMV will work.
  • Use school abbreviation and video or student name for product file names, such as LAN_JaneDoe or WMS_CyberSafety.

8. Rubrics

  • All products received are considered competitive and will be judged using the posted rubric.
  • Please share a copy of the blank rubric with the student before submitting the product.
  • A minimum score of 85 required to qualify for recognistion. This includes first, second, or third place.
  • A copy of the scored rubric will be sent to the STLP Coordinator after the STEM Fair. The coordinator may determine if the score and comments are to be shared with the student.
  • Intellectual property and copyright rules for public display must be followed for the product to be eligible for an award. Products not meeting this guideline will be disqualified. Just citing credits does not give you permission to use someone's music or work.

9.  Display

  • A short clip from first place videos may be shown at the Awards Ceremony.
  • Winning products will be shared and posted online.
  • Consent for persons in the video and/or for shooting on location is to be on record and filed at the school.

10. Results

  • Winners will be announced at the STEM Fair Awards Ceremony.
  • Copies of the scored rubrics will be sent to the STLP Coordinator within a few days of the STEM Fair.
  • It is up to the STLP Coordinator to decide how much of the scored rubric and comments to share with the students.

11.   Safety

  • All students practice ethical, safe, and legal behavior.