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STLP 2021 State Championship

SCAPA at Bluegrass is the 2021 STLP middle school state champion after this spring’s final competition in the Student Technology Leadership Program. The SCAPA team developed a safe vlogging platform where middle schoolers can post videos spotlighting their incredible talent. With the help of the SCAPA community, the students provided equipment and coached their peers to create quality videos. The Share Your Arts Vlog group included Haasini Beeram, Anne Beck, Grace Hellard, and Ollie Swank. 

In category highlights from Fayette County Public Schools … 

Newscast Challenge: 1st place to the Frederick Douglass High School news team. Eliza Snow wrote and narrated the submission from the Morning Announcement Advisory Class, and Savannah Covey edited the video. 

Digital Art: 1st place to Victoria Lamarche of Leestown Middle School for “A New Purpose” 

Digital Music: 1st place to Nick Overstreet of Paul Laurence Dunbar High School for “Joyride” 

Digital Music: 2nd place to Tanner Morgan of Bryan Station High School for “Meant to Be’s” 

Feature Video: 2nd place to King El Amin of Dixie Magnet Elementary for “Black Boy Joy”

Screen Capture Tutorial: 2nd place to Brandon Tedja of Brenda Cowan Elementary for “How to Create Basic Shapes and Color on Khan Academy” 

Quick Recall: 2nd place to Brent Edington of Frederick Douglass High School 

For more details on this spring’s virtual championships, please visit the state STLP website. For general information about STLP in Fayette County Public Schools, email Kelly Fischer, a district digital learning coach.