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LTMS Curriculum & Instruction Spotlight


Welcome LTMS families!  We are excited to bring you bi-monthly curriculum and instruction updates to keep you informed.  Our spotlight is designed to showcase our classrooms, highlight our practices, and share our teaching successes. Each week will feature a “spotlight” that enhances the instructional process at LTMS.


All dedicated staff members have been trained in a method of reading and discussion known as Shared Inquiry.  Teachers were introduced to this approach last year and the strategies were implemented school-wide. As a result, students are internalizing the habits of good readers, critical thinkers, and active learners.  Specifically, students are expected to read closely, think deeply, write thoughtfully, and to listen and respond to their classmates. 


Most importantly, research has shown that regular use of Shared Inquiry improves reading comprehension and critical thinking for students from a wide range of demographic backgrounds and achievement levels.  Ask your student to tell you about shared inquiry TODAY! Here are some questions you might want to ask about the essential elements of critical thinking:


  1.  How do you develop and clarify ideas about the text?


  1.  How do you support your ideas with evidence when responding?


  1.  What does it mean to listen to and consider the ideas of others?