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LTMS opens door for more students who want to dance, dance, dance!

For 13-year-old Zaria Forrester, dance has been a passion since she was a toddler. “I love it – any forms – jazz and ballet especially,” she said. “To learn to dance is just awesome and amazing. If you have the chance, I say go for it!” That’s why this seventh grader is excited that dance is now part of her school's Visual/Performing Arts Pathway – joining band, orchestra, and visual arts. Students from across Fayette County Public Schools can leave their districted schools to study in the specialty area of their choice at LTMS.

“One of our first impulses as people is to dance,” said teacher Kate Hadfield-Antonetti, noting how babies naturally bob to music. “The possibilities and potential to reach kids with movement is unlimited. I’m trying to show my students how big your possibilities are in the world."

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(Posted April 16, 2021)