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Kentucky State Poetry Society lauds 2 Leestown entries

Two students from Leestown Middle School excelled in Division 2 (grades 5-6) of the 2020 Student Poetry Contest sponsored by the nonprofit Kentucky State Poetry Society. Fernanda Rubi Diaz Ramirez took first place with “Something So Simple,” and Seana Robinson was runner-up with “Teapot.” The annual contest is open to youth in grades 3-12. First, second, and third place winners are invited to read their poems at the KSPS awards banquet in October. Overall winners will also be featured in the publication Pegasus. Below is the second-place entry from Leestown. For questions, please email contest chair Kelly Vance.


Beneath the lid,
emotions stir
giving happiness 
with every cup.

Soon it will run out.
Drip, drop, drip, drop,
it runs dry now 
you no longer use 
it until the next glass.

It sits on the counter top
silently waiting
to be used once more.

It's peaceful in its wait,
it does not fuss. 
It waits.

You put it on 
the burner again.
It heats up 
and holds together.
Then it yelps.

It held it in until no more.
It waited until it couldn't.