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Chase Hill 'Breaking Barriers' with awards in NHDKy contest

The Kentucky Historical Society hosted its first all-virtual National History Day in Kentucky state contest in late April, and Leestown's Chase Hill took 3rd place in Junior Individual Documentary for “Revolution of Opportunity.” Chase also received the Outstanding Kentucky History Award, sponsored by the Frazier History Museum.


Earlier this spring, the Kentucky Historical Society hosted three regional contests for National History Day in Kentucky in which nearly 300 students from two dozen schools were eligible to present entries on the 2019-20 theme “Breaking Barriers.” The top one-third of projects in each category advanced to the state competition. In addition to Chase, Leestown's qualifiers in Junior Individual Website were Jamontie Lamb, “Tupac Shakur: A Revolution of Mind and Music”; Nana-Ekua Baidoo, “Sally Ride: America’s First Woman in Space”; Elayna Ward, “A Life Lost, Freedom Gained”; Sohan Parsi, “John Glenn: Famed Politician and Astronaut”; and Nia Mack, “Coloring Colleges.”

For more information, visit the Kentucky Historical Society website or contact NHD Kentucky state coordinator Jennifer Disponette at (502) 782-8092.