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Eagles secure volleyball honors with strong play

Jessie Clark's volleyball teams collected 2021 tournament honors with victories over No. 2 Edythe J. Hayes in the B division (seventh graders) and over No. 2 Bryan Station in the C group (sixth graders) to cap the season. The B squad (10-1) had defeated fourth-seeded Beaumont and the C team (6-0) ousted No. 5 Hayes in the second round.

“I am so, so proud of every girl on the team. They all worked so hard this season to make it to the top,” said first-year head coach Ashlee Rose. “For most of the sixth graders coming in with little to no experience playing volleyball, they really showed us what they are capable of. I am excited for the future with these groups!”

"B" team "C" squad


(Posted Oct. 6, 2021)