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Ninth graders sweep McConnell Center's essay contest

Freshmen in the Liberal Arts Academy dominated an essay contest sponsored by the McConnell Center’s Civic Education Program. Reese Lile took top honors with “Federalist No. 10: Historical Solution Applied to Modern Factions”; Zoe Breitigan was runner-up with “Checks, Balances and Separation of Powers: An Examination of Federalist No. 51”; and Will Brown placed third with “Federalist No. 51: The Beauty of a Well Balanced Government.” 

The McConnell Center’s recent publication “Reflection and Choice: The Federalists, the Anti-Federalists, and the Debate that Defined America” inspired the contest, in which students focused on their favorite document and its continued importance. Reese, Zoe, and Will wrote the winning essays as part of Scott Brown’s AP U.S. Government & Politics class at Henry Clay.

(Posted May 14, 2021)