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Liberal Arts Academy Awards 56 AP Capstone Medallions to 2019 Graduates

The Henry Clay Liberal Arts Academy awarded 56 AP Capstone medallions to its 2019 graduating class.

Students averaged 11 AP classes and as a group had 7,000+ hours of community service.

The Liberal Arts Academy focuses on educating students across all core content areas, including English, science, social studies, math and world language. Students are in Academy-only classes for English, science and social studies during their first two years, allowing for acceleration and differentiation for gifted education. 

Students in the Academy also have the opportunity to earn the AP Capstone Diploma. The unique diploma program complements our AP-focused program, introducing AP courses that focus on the writing and research skills colleges want incoming freshmen to possess. All students take the required classes to earn the diploma, but whether they choose to take the necessary AP exams and whether they pass these exams determines if they earn the AP Capstone Diploma.

While the AP Capstone Diploma is not awarded until after graduation, students are able to declare on their college applications that they are AP Capstone diploma candidates, signifying to colleges they are engaged in a rigorous curriculum throughout high school.

The Medallion Graduates of the Class of 2017 included 61 graduates, 8 National Merit Semifinalists, 15 National AP Scholars, and received over $12.6 million in scholarship offers.