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Henry Clay Senior Army JROTC Cadets Earn Nearly $2.5 Million in College Scholarships

The 33 Henry Clay Army JROTC seniors earned nearly $2.5 Million in college scholarships this year, as well as many with plans to pursue college on their own, join the military or are career ready upon graduation.

Henry Clay HS JROTC has three Military Academy Appointments and five ROTC Scholarships (a mix of 4 and 3 Years): The United States Naval Academy, The United States Air Force Academy, The United states Military Academy, University of Kentucky, Western Kentucky University, Morehead State University, and Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. The same senior earned appointments to all three Academies. (6 x seniors)   

The senior class has three other scholarships allocated to JROTC students that are either academic or performance based and not affiliated with the military.  Two of the students will attend Transylvania University and one the University of Kentucky. (3 x seniors) 

Eight students have affiliated with the Armed Forces and will earn either state tuition assistance, GI Bill, or both to pay for college.  Three additional students are in the process of joining the Armed Forces as well. (11 x seniors)      

Four students are attending college with the plan of affiliating with the institutions ROTC program and trying to earn a 3-Year Scholarship. (4 x seniors)

Seven students are planning on going to college but not affiliate with either the military or a ROTC program. (7 x seniors)

Two seniors are undecided about a college choice or joining the workforce after high school but are currently employed. (2 x seniors).