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Faculty and Staff of the Week

SEPTEMBER 26, 2022

I would like to pass it on to Peyton Ransdell. Peyton is new to our room this year, but you would never know it. She is compassionate, understanding, knowledgeable and brings a great energy to the classroom that makes learning fun. Thank you for your leadership. We are so lucky to have you!

SEPTEMBER 19, 2022

I would like to nominate ONE of the unsung heroes of our building.  Kristi Shearer works in Room 509 as one of the paraeducators that perform miracles every day!  I know that each and every day brings challenges that are hard for many of us to imagine.  She works hard every day to meet the needs of the kids in her classroom and does so with a calm demeanor and a heart of gold.  Of course, I should know....she's my little sister!  But all family affiliations aside, I am amazed at what they can accomplish in room is miraculous! - Diane Bradley

SEPTEMBER 12, 2022

This week I would like to nominate the one and only, Mrs. Diane Bradley.  I think everyone in our school would agree that she goes above and beyond for us each and every day.  Diane is a problem solver, she's always willing to jump in and help others to get the job done. She never ceases to amaze me with her knowledge and willingness to learn new skills for her everchanging job each year... plus, she does it all with a smile on her face!  Diane is a tremendous asset to our school, and we're truly blessed to have her! - Ashlee VanHoose


I would like to nominate Ashlee Vanhoose for her outstanding work with the GT students.  As a former (GT) teacher I know the pressure and unrealistic expectations put on the GT teacher.  The parents, administration, and other teachers sometimes forget that a GT student has certain strengths---not everything is a strength.   Many folks overlook this program and the teacher because we don't understand what they do.  I have witnessed Ashlee being firm, professional, and caring with everyone she encounters.  She really believes that all students can be successful.   She is such an encourager to all our student population.  She creates high level critical thinking assignments that enhance deeper understanding of all areas. If you ever get a chance stop by and watch this lady in action.  All students at EJ Hayes are blessed to have her as a resource for their future success.-  Carl Willoughby

AUGUST 29, 2022

I would like to nominate Carl Willoughby. In my short time at Hayes, Carl has been a helping hand, an encouraging voice, and a guiding light for me. Carl’s optimism and positivity is consistent inside and outside of the classroom. He pushes his students in Drama to embrace creativity, communication, empathy and to use their imaginations to the fullest. Hayes is incredibly blessed to have Carl as a part of the team!- Margaret Dostart

AUGUST 22, 2022

I would like to nominate Margaret Dostart. For those of you who might not know, Margaret jumped into the art room mid-year last year and flourished. If you haven’t stopped by the art room, you are really missing out. Margaret has been busy transforming the room, which is amazing! Margaret challenges her students to reach their full potential all while wearing a smile on her face. Hayes is lucky to have you, Margaret! - Bonnie Litteral

AUGUST 15, 2022

I would like to nominate Bonnie Litteral.  Bonnie is another wonderful teacher in our building who is always looking for new ways to engage students and support them in their learning.  She always has a smile on her face and is a cheerleader for both her students and staff.  I've gotten to work with her more closely as a Kagan Coach these past few years and she always has great ideas on how to get everyone up, moving, and smiling.  Thanks for all you do!- Jessica Bohannon

AUGUST 8, 2022

I’d like to nominate Jessica Bohannon. Jessica is the type of teacher that never fails to go above and beyond. She is always engaging and finding ways to make sure that her students know that they belong in her room. Working with her closely when she was in sixth grade, I was able to observe and admire her patience, persistence, and passion for teaching. She is always willing to help others and is not judgmental towards anyone. She is kind and always welcoming to all. I’m grateful to have had her on my team, as my KTIP mentor, and as a friend. Thank you for being such a backbone to this school! -  McKenna Best

AUGUST 1, 2022

I would like to pass the Panther Praise to McKenna Best! If you need help with anything McKenna will volunteer. She works with WEB, Real Girls Stand Strong, SBDM counsel, Cougars Team Leader, and is a track coach. In addition, she is a strong relationship builder with students. Her students know that she is in their corner, and she is someone they can depend on. Her passion for her students is evidentinandoutoftheclassroom! McKenna, Hayes is lucky to have you as a teacher!! -  Steve Railey