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Orchestra students volunteer time

Members of the EJH Fiddle Club shared their music with the community. On Saturday, May 14, the group played at the Bluegrass Farmer's Market and on Sunday, May 15, they played at the HighGrove Senior Center.

"The performance at the assisted living facility was probably one of the most rewarding experiences I've had this year as a teacher. Watching those precious elderly folks smile and tap their toes was priceless--they were so happy!" said Sara Francis, orchestra director. One gentleman came up to her afterwards and said that he worked in the Fayette County Schools and he worked with Edythe Hayes!  He said "She would be so proud to see what these kids are doing under her name."  

"That melted my heart," said Francis.  "I'm so proud of these children. This is what  being a musician is all about: bringing joy to others. They didn't have to give up time on their weekend to do these performances, but they did and it made our community a happier place."