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Real Girls Stand Strong partners with Women Leading Kentucky

Real Girls Stand Strong has been very busy the second semester of the school year. Back in the fall, Ms. Koop was connected with Sonia Goforth and the board of Women Leading Kentucky and has since created a partnership with them. After a semester of planning, they have begun to roll out a community involvement component within the program that is having a positive influence on the girls. Ms. Koop’s 8th grade all-girls’ class has invited speakers in to conduct various workshops, such as, self-love, confidence, leadership, identity, financial literacy, and professional dress. Most of these speakers have conducted a session for the class, and then have stayed after school to present the workshop for the club that Ms. Koop and Ms. Hallagan sponsor for the additional 6th, 7th and 8th grade girls that are involved. 

In addition to guest speakers, Ms. Koop’s 8th grade class has been paired up with local women to complete a Passion Project and bring it to life with these women that are experts in the topics they are passionate about. For example, a group of girls are passionate about the environment and have been matched up with Chrissi Tune and Alice Hilton who are Environmental Initiatives Specialists in Lexington and they are working with the girls on a recycling project.  

Real Girls Stand Strong has been invited to a Leadership Forum Luncheon with Women Leading Kentucky in April and the girls will use the skills that they have been taught in the workshops when they attend this event.  

The latest project that is developing is partnered with Laura Boison, Market President for BB&T, who conducted a workshop with the girls on professional attire and how they should dress to impress. Laura is working on creating a clothing store for the girls on April 15th, where they will be able to shop for a professional outfit that they will wear to the Leadership Forum Luncheon. This clothing store will also be available for the boys’ program, My Brother’s Keeper, to help them choose an outfit to wear to their district event in May.