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Students place first in regional academic meet

UPDATE ON FEBRUARY 3, 2020:  Siddarth Sundar placed first in science at the regional competition, while Chloe Marie Moore placed first in composition.  CJ Bachman placed fourth in composition.  All three will now advance to state compeition.


Congratulations to the following students for their showing at the Governor’s Cup academic competition on January 18:

  • Siddarth Sundar- 1st in science
  • CJ Bachman- 1st in composition
  • CJ Bachman- 3rd in language arts
  • Luke Watson- 3rd in social studies
  • Puja Adhikari- 4th in language arts
  • Marie Moore- 4th in composition
  • Daniel Finnell- 5th in social studies
  • Ines Agbekpenou got 5th in composition



8th grader Chloe Moore


8th grader Siddarth Sundar