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Orchestra performs well at solo and ensemble festival

The annual KMEA solo and ensemble orchestra festival was held on November 23.  Congratulations to the following students for their performance and ratings.

6th Grade:

  • Kaelin Bailey-Distinguished Ensemble
  • Eleanor Boyd-Distinguished Ensemble
  • Emma Goodpaster-Distinguished Ensemble
  • Jacob Hall-Distinguished Solo
  • Noah Wong-Distinguished Solo

7th Grade:

  • Dakotah Adkins-Distinguished Ensemble
  • Ian Anjos-Distinguished Ensemble and Distinguished Solo
  • Julia Burns-Distinguished Ensemble
  • Ryleigh Carter-Distinguished Ensemble
  • Hadley Castle-Distinguished Ensemble
  • Charlie Cox-Distinguished Ensemble
  • Addy Edwards-Distinguished Ensemble
  • Hallie Guise-Distinguished Ensemble
  • Lillie Manns-Distinguished Ensemble
  • Isaac Orr-Distinguished Ensemble
  • Katie Picklesimer-Distinguished Solo
  • Reagan Ramsey-Distinguished Ensemble
  • Melia Vance-Distinguished Ensemble and Distinguished Solo

8th Grade:

  • Eden Anderson-2 Distinguished Ensembles, Distinguished Solo
  • Hunter Ball-Proficient Solo
  • Emily Hall-Distinguished Solo
  • Jeffrey Hall-Distinguished Solo
  • Eli Krouse-Distinguished Solo
  • Evan McCarthy-Distinguished Ensemble
  • Sawyer Mustopoh-Distinguished Solo
  • Alex Olivera-Distinguished Ensemble
  • Ashley Powell-Distinguished Solo
  • Grayson Rice-Distinguished Ensemble
  • Matthew Samuelson-Distinguished Ensemble
  • Tripp Walker-Distinguished Ensemble and Distinguished Solo