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PBIS - Student Expectations

What is PBIS?

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports or PBIS is a framework designed to support a student’s behavioral, academic, social, emotional, and mental health. PBIS contributes to a positive school climate by developing students' social and emotional intelligence, by making positive contributions to their academic success, and by supporting teacher health and well being.  PBIS is not a curriculum or something that you do occasionally. PBIS is a systematic framework that is embedded in all areas of the school day, and when implemented with fidelity, this framework helps establish a school that has a  “positive, predicatiable, equitable, and safe learning environment.”


PBIS is built upon five components: equity, systems, data, practices, and outcomes. All elements are interrelated and designed to create a positive student learning environment.  To read more about each component, please click HERE, but in short each component seeks to answer these five questions :

  • How can we enhance the experiences and outcomes of each educator and student?

  • What can we do to sustain our implementation over the long haul?

  • What information do we need to make effective decisions about our PBIS implementation and outcomes?

  • How will we support our students’ behavioral, social, emotional, and academic growth?

  • ‍What is important to each of our communities?


How do we support our students?

Utilizing the PBIS framework, Dixie works to create a learning environment in which students and staff are safe, respectful, and responsible. To ensure that all Dixie Dolphins understand the expectations of these areas, these behaviors are explicitly taught in order to ensure that everyone has a clear understanding of how to be successful at school. Positive behavior expectations are modeled and retaught as needed to provide continual support to students and staff. Behavior support is tiered based upon student need. Tier 1 behavior supports are embedded across all areas of the school. In this Tier, a strong foundation of “positive and proactive support” is developed. Tier 1 behavior supports enable most ( 80% or more) students to experience success. In addition to Tier 1 support, those students needing additional support are given additional layers of support and practices that are tailored to their individual needs. On average,  10- 15% of students will need Tier 2 support and benefit from this targeted approach. For a small population of students (1-5%), there will need to be more intensive and individualized support in order to ensure success. Tier 3 supports are available to all students in need whether or not they receive special education services. 


To read more the tiered behavior supports, please click the links below.



Dixie Dolphin Expectations

In order to promote positive behavior, students and staff at Dixie work to demonstrate that they are safe, respectful, and responsible in all areas of the school. Expected behavior is modeled and taught in the same manner as all other academic areas. In the event that students do not meet the expectations, a reteach of expected behaviors is given to ensure that students are equipped with the tools necessary for success in the school environment. 


PBIS Celebrations

To celebrate and acknowledge positive student behavior, PBIS celebrations are held bi-monthly. This is a time to celebrate, have fun, and be rewarded for a job well done. Outdoor game time, team trivia, open gym, arts and crafts, puzzles and games are just a few of the ways we celebrate student success.



Dixie also utilizes Class Dojo to acknowledge positive student behavior and redirect misbehavior.  Parents can view their student’s data by joining at or downloading the app.


At Dixie, we believe that the PBIS framework is a crucial component to creating and sustaining a positive school culture and a successful learning environment for all students. If you have questions about PBIS at Dixie, please feel free to contact Amanda Lloyd, School Counselor or Paige Samples, Administrative Dean. You may also visit