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Teacher Spotlight

This week I would like to highlight two amazing people Amanda Lloyd and Rae FieldsThese two have worked tirelessly over the past few weeks to prepare our school, students, teachers and staff for KPREP testing.  There is nothing fun or easy about this job, yet they have made it appear to be a simple task.  They have worked to organize tests, train staff, provide accommodations to 100+ students, develop schedules, and prevent testing violations.  Not only that, they have done a fantastic job of getting the students into a testing frame of mind, and really pumping them up for this event.  I have loved the cheers from our primary students prior to testing, the thoughtful notes and treats to our students, and the kind thank you notes to staff for their work.   I cannot thank these two enough for their effort.  Their hard work has paid off in a successful week of testing.  Even though we had some excitement on Monday, with our lockdown, these ladies did not skip a beat!  They simply worked to move all testing materials into a secured location quickly and efficiently.  I also need to thank every staff member and student in this building for your work during this week.  I know every person has helped to write notes of encouragement, prepared treats for the students testing, and has maintained a quiet, and focused work ethic this week.  This truly takes the intense effort of everyone to set the example and prepare for a positive testing environment.  Thank you all for the collective and successful accomplishment.  8 days to go!!!!