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Gifted fourth grader accepts KAGE statewide award

Kate Hastings with teacher Angie Madden A Cassidy Elementary fourth grader, Kate Hastings, has received the KAGE Distinguished Student Award for 2019-20. Each year, the Kentucky Association for Gifted Education (KAGE) recognizes one child from grades 4–6 who has excelled in academics, leadership, or the arts and contributed to the community at a level beyond what is expected of that age group. 

Nine-year-old Kate accepted the honor Feb. 25 at the Griffin Gate Marriott during the annual KAGE conference, including a certificate of excellence and a college entity account from the Kentucky Education Savings Plan Trust. “I was very excited and could hardly believe it. It was also my first opportunity to give a speech,” said Kate, who is identified as gifted in academics.

“I nominated Kate because of her leadership work supporting the mission and goals of NASA,” said Cassidy teacher Angie Madden. “She is a true leader in her school and her community. She has done fundraisers, hosted stargazing, made a website to share about NASA, and so much more to support a cause and initiative that she believes in.”

When she was younger, Kate enjoyed watching “Ready, Jet, Go!” on PBS Kids. “That’s what really got me interested in it,” she said of the NASA connection. “I’m going to be either an astronomer or a neuroscientist,” she added.

At Cassidy, Kate is a member of the Science Club, chorus, and honors choir; founder of the Stargazing Club; and a narrator for the school’s spring musical, “The Cat in the Hat.”