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District Science Fair

Our Cassidy students represented us well at yesterday's KY American Water Science Fair.  They all worked so hard over the last several months! Kate DeHoag placed 2nd in Chemistry in 4th grade and will move on to the Central Kentucky Regional Science and Engineering Fair at Paul L. Dunbar High School on March 2nd. 


Please congratulate all of our Grand Champions that competed on Saturday. They truly gave it their best, and I am very proud of them! There were 526 projects registered from grades K-12 with 49 different schools represented. 


Cassidy Elementary 2019 Grand Champions

Maddox Adams

Nanosilver: Naughty or Nice? Is Pond Life Affected by the Nanosilver in our Products?

Liam Bailey

Ballistic Blast

Kate DeHoag

Crystals on the Run

Katherine Haynes

The Speedy Sphere

James Lang

Please Don't Judge Me!

Aryana Talbert

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