Youth Services Center

  • Our YSC efforts cover a variety of areas:

    BackPack Program -- to meet the needs of hungry children at times when other resources are not available, such as weekends and school vacations. All the food is child-friendly, nonperishable, easily consumed, and vitamin fortified. BSMS is able to distribute 25 food bags per week to students in need.

    Mentoring -- a way for staff at BSMS to encourage, assist, and facilitate a successful academic year for those who have not been successful. Mentors will encourage you to have your planner filled out daily and signed by a parent, will conduct weekly grade checks. Mentors will also be there for you to discuss any frustrations/difficulties the mentee may be experiencing. Mentors: Mrs. Kirby - Principal, Mr. Doak - Assistant Principal, Ms. Welch and Ms. Smith - Guidance Counselors, Ms. Williams - Social Worker,  Mr. Allen - YSC Coordinator, & Mr. Weger - Safe.

    Small groups -- for social skills, organization, anger management, and self-esteem. These groups are intended to provide support for your child, promote positive character and enhance decision making skills.

    Counseling -- YSC contracted with UK Family Studies, which provides up to five hours of therapy. Referrals are made by the social worker and guidance counselor.

    Life Adventure’s Learning Opportunities -- designed to enhance teamwork, improve communication and problem solving skills. Program will be provided in four scheduled sessions. 

    Special events -- Field trips, guest speakers, Destination Middle School, and Reality Store

    Thanksgiving baskets and Angel Tree -- designed to help families that need a little extra assistance around the holidays.