Safe Schools Office

  • The Safe Schools program provides training, resources, and technical assistance to promote a school environment that is physically and emotionally safe, well-disciplined, and conducive to learning.


    • Help schools identify training needs
    • Facilitate implementation of the framework for Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support (PBIS)
    • Consult with schools on implementing evidence-based social and behavioral programs and interventions


    • Work with community agencies and other service providers to secure funding for collaborative initiatives.
    • Collaborate with other departments at "It's About Kids" Support Services to provide integrated support services to schools.

    Data collection

    • Prepare district, state and federal reports.
    • Assist schools in accessing and analyzing behavioral data.


    • Provide schools with evidence-based training, resources and information.
    • Customize training according to identified school and district needs.
    • Provide coaching and follow-up support to foster successful implementation.
    • Topics: Schoolwide PBIS team and coach training; classroom management; in-school suspension programs; bullying prevention; threat assessment; safe crisis management