Recruitment & Training

  • Fayette County Public Schools has a comprehensive and intentional approach to address historical hiring practices that failed to keep pace and in sync with the changing demographics of the Lexington/Fayette County community. It derives through strategic minority recruitment and employee retention initiatives.  

    Our comprehensive human capital management approach includes the implementation of strategies and activities that evolved from the collaborative efforts of the District Minority Recruitment and Retention Team. This professional workgroup is made up of committed human capital champions who provide expert experience and knowledge for building a diverse and inclusive educator workforce pipeline of highly talented and culturally competent administrators, teachers, and staff. The essence provides our students the opportunity to learn and be educated with a global perspective toward college and career readiness. 

    Our minority recruitment and retention efforts seek to ensure that: 

    • All our stakeholders embrace equity, diversity, and inclusion;
    • Stakeholders accept and understand that educator diversity is essential -- particularly to students, families, educators, and the communities where our students live;
    • School hiring decisions are focused on prioritized diversification and inclusion efforts that reflect the demographic makeup of students and families; and
    • Student learning experiences are enriched by environments that foster equitable access and increased participation of diverse curriculum, cultures, instructional strategies and practices, and the experiences and contributions of all people. 

    To that end, we seek to ensure that all students in Fayette County Public Schools have equitable access to rich opportunities provided by a diverse and inclusive educator workforce.