Employee Benefits & Services

  • Because all our employees are valued for their essential role in the overall accomplishment of the school district's major goals and objectives, Fayette County Public Schools provides benefits for regular, full-time employees and their families. See below for details on sponsored and optional plans.
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    Note: See COVID-19 leave guidelines here

  • Contact us

    Byron Costner,
    associate director
    of Employee Services
    (859) 381-4117 or
    (859) 327-6894

    Point of contact for administrators and new hires:
    Carol Coleman
    financial analyst,
    Phone: (859) 381-4154
    Cell: (859) 447-6178

    Insurance specialists: 
    Employees must make an appointment.  

    For state-qualifying events, FMLA, and leave of absence:
    Jackie Terhune
    (859) 381-4131
    Cell: (859) 327-6462

    For disability claims:
    Alissa Hawkins,
    (859) 381-4679

    For maternity leave:
    Constance Carlisle,
    (859) 381-4254
    Cell: (859) 447-5534

    For retirement:
    Misty Stevens,
    (859) 381-4744 

    General questions:
    Shondiste Brown,
    (859) 381-4118
    Cell: (859) 447-5445

    Assistance in Spanish:
    Jeremy Walker,
    (859) 381-4328

    Office fax: (859) 381-4714