Crawford Athletics

  • Fayette County Public Schools is committed to student-athlete success and competitive excellence by creating an inclusive environment that develops and retains quality people, provides a great fan experience, inspires community engagement, and serves as a source of pride for Lexington. FCPS athletic directors shall implement all guidelines of the Fayette County Board of Education, SBDM Council, Kentucky High School Athletic Association (KHSAA), and federal laws to ensure fairness, safety, and equity for all students participating at any level of athletics in FCPS.

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  • KHSAA Sports Physical

    All students who wish to participate on an athletic team are required to have a completed sports physical on file.  Sports physicals are valid for one calendar year, and may be used for multiple sports. This is in addition to the 6th grade school physical.

    In addition to your doctor here are locations to have your sports physical done - All sites below are open 8:30am to 7:30pm Mon to Fri and Sat 8:30am to 5:30pm (as of March 2021)

    - The Little Clinic (inside Kroger) - 3101 Richmond Rd, Lexington, KY 40509 - (859) 268-9866

    The Little Clinic (inside Kroger) - 1650 Bryan Station Rd, Lexington, KY 40505 - (859) 977-2096

    More locations available at "School Based Clinic Locations" visit - All sites below are 8am to 4pm Mon to Fri (as of March 2021)

    - Arlington Elementary - 112 Arceme Ave, Lexington, KY 40505 859-381-3749

    - Breckenridge Elementary - 2101 St. Mathilda Drive, Lexington, Ky 40502 - 859-381-4843

    - William Wells Brown Elementary - 555 East 5th Street, Lexington, KY 40508 - 859-381-3172

    - Lexington Traditional Magnet School - 350 N Limestone, Lexington, KY 40508 - 859-381-3203