English Learners Office

  • The English Learners Office aims to promote the full participation and inclusion of limited English-proficient students in the general education curriculum, ensure their academic success is on par with native speakers, and enable these students to make successful transitions to post-secondary opportunities.

    Classrooms and goals

    EL teachers build language with pictures, tactile objects, and hands-on activities. Systematic vocabulary and grammar lessons help students connect to a real-world context. Students are flexibly grouped based on needs, abilities and interests. Every lesson should include cooperative activities that allow students to use and practice their newly acquired English skills. The teachers listen to what the students are trying to communicate and then provide opportunities to expand their language skills. EL teachers offer students a variety of ways to communicate what they know and are able to do. Authentic language assessments then enable students to demonstrate their learning. Goals include to:

    • Enable students to communicate and function in the English language and American culture;
    • Develop a program services plan for each student to address linguistic and academic needs;
    • Promote recognition, understanding, and acceptance of individuality and cultural diversity;
    • Provide comprehensible instruction in content-area classes to successfully meet grade promotion and graduation standards;
    • Teach listening, speaking, reading and writing, and cultural understanding needed to participate in the school's mainstream activities; and
    • Promote parental and community participation.

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