• Frequently Asked Questions about Carter G. Woodson Academy

    • Who was Carter G. Woodson?
      A historian, author, journalist, and educator who devoted his life to the historical research of African-American history and culture.

    • What does the Carter G. Woodson Academy offer that is unique?
      A traditional preparatory program that provides an advanced and rigorous curriculum that meets the common core standards through the lens of African American history, culture and culturally responsive teaching and learning strategies.

    •  Is the Carter G. Woodson Academy only for African American males? No, this program is open to all male students in Fayette County.

    • Why is this program just for males?
      This program is a strategy designed to impact the needs identified by the district's data on the academic performance of males.

    • Where is the Carter G. Woodson Academy?
      The program is located inside Frederick Douglass High School at 2000 Winchester Road. 6. Can I fill out an application for a child of whom I do not have custody? Yes, however the parent or legal guardian must sign off on the application and, if the student is accepted to Carter G. Woodson, the parent or guardian must agree to the change in enrollment.

    • What is the criterion for being accepted into the program?
      Students will have to complete our application process in order to apply for admittance to the program. The selection committee will use a 4 step process that includes a scoring rubric and a grouped lottery system to ensure fair consideration of all applicants.

    • Will students who receive special education services be allowed to attend? Yes, all interested males can go through the application process.

    • Will the program offer English as a Second Language services? Yes, if a student has that need.

    • Do I have to be on free/reduced lunch to apply?
      No, any interested male from any socio-economic background may apply.

    • Is there a dress code? (Does not apply during virtual learning.)
      Yes, all participants are expected to wear a uniform that includes a navy blue sports coat, a white dress shirt with a grade level specific CGWA tie, gray dress pants and burgundy penny loafers. Students dress professionally for success.