Cassidy's 4th Annual Evening of the Arts

  • Alumni Cassidy's 4th annual Alumni Evening of the Arts will be on Thursday, April 30th. 

    5:30--tours and refreshment

    6:00--Hall of Honor Presentation

    6:15--School Performance

    Nomination Form - Please provide information below for anyone you feel is deserving of consideration for the Hall of Honor at Cassidy Elementary School. Submissions are due by February 14th and the Cassidy Committee for the Evening with the Arts will vote on this year's recipient. Please pass along this link to anyone else who might want to nominate. Thanks and we hope to see you at Evening with the Arts on April 30th. 

Cassidy's 3rd Annual Evening of the Arts

  • Alumni Night

    Cassidy's 3rd Annual Evening of the Arts was held on April 25, 2019.

    The "Evening With the Arts" is night where both Cassidy alumni and former faculty had a chance to come together to visit, reconnect, and get plugged back into our amazing school. Each year, we honor a former student/faculty member and invite them to accept the award before the performance. We then have a plaque with their photo added to our "Wall of Honor", which is on display in the old foyer. 

     *Donations Benefit the Performing Arts Program

    School Performance - Disney's "Aladdin Kids"! 

     Bill Farmer

    Honoree - Bill Farmer



Cassidy's 2nd Annual Evening of the Arts

  • Evening with the Arts

    Cassidy Elementary Alumni Association hosted our 2nd Annual Evening with the Arts on April 26, 2018.

    Sherill Sanders

    We honored our most recent inductee to the Cassidy Hall of Honor, Sherill Sanders and enjoyed "Twisted Fairy Tales" presented by Cassidy Elementary 4th Grade Students!

Cassidy's 1st Annual Evening of the Arts

  • Dorothy Friend

    Cassidy honored Dorothy Friend at our first Alumni Evening of the Arts! She served at Cassidy from 1966-1989 and is now in Cassidy's Hall of Fame!