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Secondary Art Showcase Features Widespread Talent

Secondary Art Showcase Features Widespread Talent

Congratulations to the 2024 winners in the annual FCPS Secondary Art Showcase, hosted by the Living Arts & Science Center. These students received certificates and ribbons, and their artwork is on display through the Gallery Hop on Friday, May 17.

Middle School


1.     Lacey Rue of Southern

2.     Max Reynolds of Leestown

3.     Emily Jimenez Cortes of Lexington Traditional Magnet School


1.     Jiya Sheth of SCAPA at Bluegrass

2.     Hannah Ownby of Southern

3.     Alondra Sanchez of Winburn


1.       Akyla Bingham of LTMS

2.       Halaya Leavell of Beaumont

3.       Jake Pillado Velasco of Southern

Mixed Media

1.       Norah Glass of SCAPA

2.       Antonio Hamilton of Winburn

3.       Caden Miller of Morton

High School


1.       Caroline Elkinson of Henry Clay

2.       (tie) Alan Sharp of Lafayette and Anna Baker of Paul Laurence Dunbar

3.       Tey Young of Henry Clay


1.       Simaya Pennie of Bryan Station

2.       Grayson Rice of Frederick Douglass

3.       Avinash Koul of Lafayette

Digital Art

1.       Zoe Johnson of Lafayette

2.       Evie Krouse of Lafayette

3.       Harper Crosby of Lafayette


1.       Robert Buckner of Bryan Station

2.       Isaac Critchfield of Lafayette

3.       Izzy Wallace of Frederick Douglass


1.       Stormey Lane of Bryan Station

2.       Jamie Davis of Bryan Station

3.       Saul Munoz of Bryan Station

Mixed Media

1.       Avery Simmons of Henry Clay

2.       Sofi Novoa of Frederick Douglass

3.       Liberty Roberts of Lafayette


1.       Ellen Kate Martin of Lafayette

2.       A.J. McManus of Lafayette

3.       Jada Thompson of Bryan Station

Contact: Rachel Losch, Fine Arts Department

drawing of a red heart

Drawing by Lacey Rue

vibrant painting of a city on a hill with sunset in the background and ocean waves in the foreground

Painting by Jiya Sheth

pink ceramic creature with three eyes and an ice cream cone on its head

Crafts/ceramics by Akyla Bingham

black-ad-white artwork of animals in the woods, with a spot of red moon in the sky

Mixed Media by Norah Glass

largely in brown colors, a portrait of a young girl with long hair in a sleeveless shirt

Painting by Caroline Elkinson

abstract ink drawing of a teenager eating snacks

Drawing by Simaya Pennie

digital art of a handful of oranges against a dark teal background

Digital Art by Zoe Johnson

white sculpture made of textiles with swirls

Sculpture by Robert Buckner

ceramic rabbit with a clock as the trunk of this body

Ceramics by Stormey Lane

mixed media piece showing two young people with birds in the background

Mixed Media by Avery Simmons

a closet full of white clothes with hats on a top shelf

Photography by Ellen Kate Martin